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Our Wireless VoIP service maintains high quality and allows users to call from anywhere where they have access to a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).

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Ucontel is an online retailer of prepaid phone cards & prepaid calling cards for the purpose of international calls & domestic long distance phone calls. This site provides calling card, phone card, and wireless recharge PINs delivered via email. Ucontel is a pioneer in the online prepaid industry and developed the first online "store" of calling card & phone cards. We look around at all markets and will only add the very best products to our site. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your instant international phone cards, calling cards or prepaid wireless product please contact us.


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Mapastepec Chis

Mapastepec chis Figuring out how to select the right prepaid phone card in an over saturated market can be a daunting task. Many people simply search for the card that will provide them the lowest rates. However, they often don't realize that these cards are actually the most expensive to use. Here is an easy guide to choosing the right prepaid calling card. mapastepec chis If your local telephone operator charges you the moon for making international calls, don't sweat! Help is at hand and international calling cards are the way to go. Not only can you make calls to various countries across the world, you also have to pay less for talking more! International calling cards, as the name suggests, are telephone cards that allow you to call over long distances as well as dial your friends and family residing abroad from the comfort of your home or office.

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Mapastepec chis Traveling abroad has become very common these days. Businesspersons travel from one country to another and they want to be connected to the office all the time. People going for regular jobs also travel to various countries on their vacation. They want to be updated with the status in their office even during their vacation to prevent the work stress immediately after returning to the job. Every person now needs a phone connection irrespective of the place to which he travels. mapastepec chis Making international or long distance calls through your standard phone lines or public switch telephony network is enough to create a deep rip in your pocket. If you are a frequent traveler or if you have friends and families staying overseas, your trouble will only escalate further with your telephony expenditure rising due to frequent international calling. International calling cards is one option that you can rely on for making long distance calls.

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    • Authors:
    • JoAnn Loulan
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    • List Price: $9.99
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    • You Save: $5.41 (54%)
    New (44) Used (56) from $0.01
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    New (41) Used (17) from $1.48
    Sales Rank:248,369
    Publication Date:March 25, 2014
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    • Mary Gilliatt
    • Elizabeth Wilhide
    • List Price: $14.98
    • Buy New: $8.91
    • as of 2/27/2015 02:32 UTC details
    • You Save: $6.07 (41%)
    Sales Rank:989,233
    Publication Date:November 1991
    Availability:Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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    • Amelia Peck
    • James Parker
    • William Rieder
    • Olga Raggio
    • Mary B. Shepard
    • Annie-Christine Daskalakis Mathews
    • Danielle O. Kisluk-Grosheide
    • Wolfram Koeppe
    • Joan R. Mertens
    • Alfreda Murck and Wen C. Fong
    • List Price: $60.00
    • Buy New: $25.00
    • as of 2/27/2015 02:32 UTC details
    • You Save: $35.00 (58%)
    Sales Rank:1,235,340
    Publication Date:August 1, 1996
    Availability:Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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Mapastepec chis Your prepaid calling card may have a different rate compared to that of your friend. This happens because your card have a varying pricing and costing system with the others. For better understanding, there are lots of considerations in setting the rates for every card in the market. It is your part to make comparisons to get a prepaid calling card with a better rate. mapastepec chis How to discover a new cell phone calling card and improve the rates that you pay by knowing a few little remarkable tips about choosing your calling card that suits your lifestyle.